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Morris is a traditional English folk dancing style and Brandragon is Melbourne's only north west Morris side. We travel and perform throughout Melbourne and Victoria all year round at fairs, festivals, markets, fetes and weddings. We are a fun, diverse and friendly group, all ages, genders and levels of ability are welcome. Come along to dance, play some music and have a beer (or cider) with us.

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Sun 08/Jan/2017 - Lavandula Harvest Festival

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Step Clogging - TEDxBrighton -- Sarah Angliss -- Loving the Machine

TEDxBrighton -- Sarah Angliss -- Loving the Machine
"This dance was devised by women who were working in the mills and they were copying the machines around them... their rhythmic qualities and the fact that they were so bloody loud!
So here are the women in the mill, in these sorts of conditions, very cramped, unable to stop for a moment and lose pace with the machine, of they'd lose their job, or worse, and they couldn't even hear themselves speak. The only thing they could do was tap their feet and very cleverly they tapped their feet to mimic the machines around them."
Sarah Angliss (10min 15sec)

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