About the Dragons

Morris is a traditional English folk dancing style and Brandragon is Melbourne's only north west Morris side. We travel and perform throughout Melbourne and Victoria all year round at fairs, festivals, markets, fetes and weddings. We are a fun, diverse and friendly group, all ages, genders and levels of ability are welcome. Come along to dance, play some music and have a beer (or cider) with us.

Upcoming Gigs

Brandragon can be seen at these upcoming events.

Sun 08/Jan/2017 - Lavandula Harvest Festival

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

May Day and Kellybrook Cider festival

We'll be dancing up the sun this Sunday, May 1st at 6:30am, on the hillock in All Nation's Park, Northcote.
Come join us and bring something to share for breakfast as we ensure the return of the sun in the northern hemisphere for another year. I suppose the momentum it gains is important for us as well...

And if you're so inclined, come see us dance alongside the Britannia Morris Men at Kellybrook Winery's Cider Festival from 11am. It's a great little festival with fresh apple juice and traditional farmhouse 'scrumpy' cider available on the day.

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