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Morris is a traditional English folk dancing style and Brandragon is Melbourne's only north west Morris side. We travel and perform throughout Melbourne and Victoria all year round at fairs, festivals, markets, fetes and weddings. We are a fun, diverse and friendly group, all ages, genders and levels of ability are welcome. Come along to dance, play some music and have a beer (or cider) with us.

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Monday, 1 November 2010

Euroa Wool Week Festival and Parade

A handful of us escaped Melbourne on Friday night to enjoy a balmy evening in the beer garden of the Seven's Creek Hotel, conveniently close to the caravan park we booked into overnight, with a further contingent arriving before the Wool Week Parade on Saturday morning.

The weather was kind and we had a fine morning for the parade, led by a contingent of Imperial Storm Troopers escorting Darth Vader, closely followed by the town band costumed as Princess Leia; every member with a different interpretation of 'buns' over their ears, and most of the children in town in Star Wars costume. Darth Vader even joined our set as we neared the end of the parade, processing and wheeling with us through a couple of choruses, light saber in hand.

The local kids danced about a May Pole in the centre of the street, weaving and plaiting their ribbons before we stepped up for our third set of the morning, finishing a great little festival we look forward to each year.

Thanks as always to the Benalla Caledonian Highland Pipe Band for playing 100 Pipers for us to dance to. It's a great thrill to have pipes and drums play for us and the effect is visible in our posture and spring as we dance.

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Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure. We look forward to seeing you again this year. Stuart Pritchard, Benalla Caledonian Pipe Band (President).