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Morris is a traditional English folk dancing style and Brandragon is Melbourne's only north west Morris side. We travel and perform throughout Melbourne and Victoria all year round at fairs, festivals, markets, fetes and weddings. We are a fun, diverse and friendly group, all ages, genders and levels of ability are welcome. Come along to dance, play some music and have a beer (or cider) with us.

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Sun 08/Jan/2017 - Lavandula Harvest Festival

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Beechworth Celtic Festival

This weekend was our first Beechworth Celtic Festival and I very much hope it's the first in a long succession because we had a fantastic time performing for receptive audiences and watching some excellent dancers and musicians.

We worked hard for our money and ran a workshop, danced our usual processional number in the parade, did 2 x 40 min. stage sets, including a solo step clog demo, and busked on both days - lots of thanks to the handful of Ravens who added colour and numbers and stick and hanky Cotswold style. There's something about a chook with a morris dancer stuck up its bum that really appeals to a crowd.

The performance sets included brief workshops to encourage the audience out of their seats and we had a lot of fun teaching elements of Speed the Plough and Churchtown to some very cute little tykes and keen adults.

The availability of Bridge Rd Brewer's stock was a definite highlight of my festival. The Chestnut Pilsener was a welcome drop after dancing and the Beechworth Pale Ale went down smoothly later in the evening.

The leaf-shaped badges and earrings of a local jeweller were so popular with the rest of the side that we're now a walking advertisement for them.

We're looking forward to future festivals, with some possible joint performances with Violindigo students and hopefully one or two of the fantastic pipe bands we saw at the festival. Who could pass up the opportunity to perform processionals in the parade to a full pipe band?

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