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Morris is a traditional English folk dancing style and Brandragon is Melbourne's only north west Morris side. We travel and perform throughout Melbourne and Victoria all year round at fairs, festivals, markets, fetes and weddings. We are a fun, diverse and friendly group, all ages, genders and levels of ability are welcome. Come along to dance, play some music and have a beer (or cider) with us.

Upcoming Gigs

Brandragon can be seen at these upcoming events.

Sun 08/Jan/2017 - Lavandula Harvest Festival

Thursday, 6 November 2008

What is morris?

Morris dancing is English folk dancing. 
To be more precise it's a range of folk dancing styles which differ as you travel from one town to the next, let alone one shire to the next!

Brandragon dance the Northwest style, from the areas around Lancaster, down to Chester and across into the West Riding of Yorkshire.

It is linked to the holidays of the industrial towns of the region, hence the wooden soled clogs that we wear, typical work-a-day footwear for the day.
Of course at the time they probably wore their Sunday best, leather soled shoes, but the clogs
 are a curiosity and make such a great noise that they've been revived.

Other Morris dancing styles include Border, Cotswold, Molly and Rapper.

Cotswold is the most common type, danced with a pad of bells on each shin, and then using hankies or long sticks (roughly 3' or 90cm long)

Border is from the Welsh border regions and is typically danced in a rag coat, using a string of bells on the ankles and with a blacked face for disguise.

is from the east of England, often danced with a blacked face. It's loud and stompy and shares many facets with Northwest and Border.

uses timber or steel 'swords' which the dancers then weave in and about, making patterns whilst holding onto the swords end to end in a circle. Rapper comes from the north-east of England.

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